Aeyre Home

Based in Sydney, Aeyre Home plays with colour and form to create whimsical, vintage-inspired home accents with a hint of nostalgia. The newest venture and member of Reliquia Collective, the awe-inspiring collection includes an assortment of artful lifestyle pieces. Think resin coasters, polished brass incense holders and creative ‘70s glassware for the modern home.

Coaster Set - Zebra

kr 1,299.00

Rectangle Tray Large - Black/White

kr 2,899.00

Rectangle Tray Small - Chocolate

kr 2,499.00

Oval Tray - Plum

kr 2,499.00

Oval Tray - B/W Marble

kr 2,499.00

Oval Tray - Zebra

kr 2,499.00

Oval Tray - Green

kr 2,499.00

Irregular Coaster Set - Zebra

kr 999.00

Kew Gardens Scented Candle

kr 850.00