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Hetkinen - Spruce-Cranberry Sense Oil - Freudian Kicks
Hetkinen - Spruce-Cranberry Sense Oil - Freudian Kicks
Hetkinen - Spruce-Cranberry Sense Oil - Freudian Kicks

Spruce-Cranberry Sense Oil

kr 449.00 kr 269.40

Sense oil will brighten your days and become the secret behind the fresh and well-being of your skin.

A vibrant red berries infused natural oil made of pure Finnish cranberry and spruce twig.

This spruce-cranberry oil strengthens your skin and makes your skin glow in a special way. Sense oil contains cranberry seed oil, which is a super berry growing in the Finnish bog. The cranberry seed oil contains carotenoids and tocotrienol. It provides effective protection against free radicals and premature aging. The cranberry seed oil also effectively protects the skin from UV rays. The oil extract made from spruce twigs is fresh and pure, and it enlivens the senses. The product also contains coconut oil and grape seed oil along with vegetable glycerin. The aromatic fragrance is fortified with essential oils of spruce, geranium, and sage.

In the fragrance of the body oil, you can sense shades of red: cranberry, geranium, and lingonberry.

You can use sense body oil for your hands and arms, both legs and feet, as well as the whole body.

Add where-ever you need natures' glow and sparkle.

All the raw materials for making sense oil are collected in a way that has not endangered the plant's lifetime. The roots are still on the ground, which guarantees a lovely blossom, berries, and tree harvest next year as well.

The most amazing and sensible skincare your skin could ever hope for!

Package size: 100ml

Ingredients: caprylic/capric triglyceride, vitis vinifera oil, vaccium marcocarpon oil, vaccium marcocarpon extract, picea abies extract, glyserin, abies sibirica oil, pelargonia graveolents oil, salvia sclarea oil.

YES: natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process.

NO: preservative, synthetics,  colour, alcohol.

Usage: For the whole body, especially the super-dry spots on the body such as elbows, knees, and heels. Add extra glow for legs, use as a massage oil, and for the face and lips. You can also mix the oil with other skincare products to bring more moisturization. You can try the oil for your hair, especially for the dry ends, as well.

How to: Shake the bottle and then apply a suitable number of drops to your hand. Take a moment and spread the oil to the skin in peace. Make big, rotating movements and rub the oil properly into the skin. This will give you an extra glow on your skin.

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