Established in 1941 and founded by Akira Yokota. "NANGA", originated from the Himalayan mountain "NANGA PARBAT". The mountain stands at 8,126 meters and is the ninth highest mountain in the world. What separates this mountain from others is that it is notoriously difficult to climb, contributed to numerous deaths, and has the nickname of "Killer Mountain". The philosophy behind "NANGA" is to produce and create products that can overcome challenges under the most drastic conditions. With is long history Nanga has demonstrated extra care and attention to details in the production of high quality clothing, sleeping bags, and down jackets.

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    Aurora Light Down Jacket - Coyote

    kr 7,499.00kr 4,499.00

    Aurora Down Pants - Black

    kr 2,449.00kr 600.00

    Takibi Ripstop Field Pants - Navy

    kr 1,599.00kr 600.00

    Takibi Ripstop Field Pants - Beige

    kr 1,599.00kr 600.00

    Mesh Bag - Black

    kr 299.00kr 199.00

    Takibi Ripstop Inner Down Vest - Black

    kr 3,199.00kr 600.00

    Eco Hybrid Daily Tee - Grey

    kr 599.00kr 300.00

    Takibi Ripstop Field Pants - Black

    kr 1,599.00kr 600.00

    Mazeno Ridge Vest - Green

    kr 3,799.00kr 2,659.00

    Mazeno Ridge Vest - Navy

    kr 3,799.00kr 2,659.00

    Polartec Fleece - Grey

    kr 2,399.00kr 1,679.00

    Aurora Stand Collar Down Jacket - Coyote

    kr 3,999.00kr 1,800.00

    Aurora Light Down Jacket Mikami - Coyote

    kr 7,699.00kr 5,399.00

    Eco Hybrid Daily Tee - Green

    kr 599.00kr 300.00

    Polartec Fleece - Black

    kr 2,399.00kr 1,679.00

    Aurora Down Half Coat - Coyote

    kr 3,299.00kr 1,500.00

    Aurora Down Jacket - Blue

    kr 4,499.00kr 3,149.00

    Aurora Down Jacket - Coyote

    kr 4,499.00kr 1,900.00

    Eco Hybrid Daily L/S Tee - Grey

    kr 749.00kr 400.00

    Eco Hybrid Daily L/S Tee - Green

    kr 749.00kr 400.00

    Aerial Down Parka Packable - Navy

    kr 4,799.00kr 3,599.00

    Takibi Down Jacket - Beige

    kr 6,799.00kr 4,759.00

    Compression Bag - Tqs

    kr 399.00

    Compression Bag - Black

    kr 399.00

    Mini Sleepingbag Phone Case - Navy

    kr 399.00kr 199.00

    Nanga Easy Shorts - Mocha

    kr 499.00kr 399.00

    Nylon Tusser Open Collar Shirt - Ivory

    kr 1,499.00kr 650.00

    Nylon Tusser Open Collar Shirt - Blue

    kr 1,499.00kr 650.00

    Rectangular Padding Bag - Yellow x Grey

    kr 1,699.00kr 899.00

    Mountain Peak Gloves

    kr 2,899.00kr 1,599.00

    Eco Hybrid Shining Energy LS Tee - Black

    kr 699.00

    Level7 Dignity Down Jacket

    kr 13,499.00kr 8,999.00

    Takibi Ripstop Camp Shirt - Beige

    kr 650.00kr 600.00

    Takibi Ripstop Camp Shirt - SBlue

    kr 650.00kr 600.00

    Takibi Ripstop Field Pants - SBlue

    kr 1,599.00kr 600.00

    Hybrid Tech Hike Pants - Green

    kr 899.00kr 600.00

    Eco Hybrid Box Logo L/S Tee - Grey

    kr 799.00kr 499.00

    Eco Hybrid Box Logo L/S Tee - White

    kr 799.00kr 499.00

    Mazeno Ridge Vest - Beige

    kr 3,799.00kr 2,659.00

    Folk Blanket

    kr 1,399.00

    Polartec Fleece - Khaki

    kr 2,399.00kr 1,679.00

    Compression Bag - Coyote

    kr 399.00

    Takibi Field Anorak Parka - Beige

    kr 2,899.00kr 2,029.00

    Takibi Field Anorak Parka - Charcoal

    kr 2,899.00kr 2,029.00

    Aurora 2.5 Layer Trek Shell Parka - Coyote

    kr 3,299.00

    Aurora 2.5 Layer Trek Shell Parka - Black

    kr 3,299.00

    Rectangular Padding Bag - Black x Khaki

    kr 1,699.00kr 899.00

    Dotted Padding Bag

    kr 1,699.00kr 999.00

    Cordura Fleece Pants - Khaki

    kr 699.00kr 600.00

    Aurora Original 500 STD - Green

    kr 3,399.00kr 1,899.00

    Udd Bag 810DX - Yellow

    kr 6,499.00kr 3,199.00