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Mazeno Ridge Jacket - Beige

Mazeno Ridge Jacket - Beige


The popular Mazeno Ridge vest has been updated to a jacket. With a simple color scheme and slightly shorter length, it has just the right amount of volume, but also gives a neat impression. Easy to put on for casual occasions and can be worn relaxed.

From this season, the feathers have been changed to super water-repellent down UDD DX, and the inner feathers have been updated to be water resistant. It has become more resistant to rain, making it easier to wear with outerwear.

The outer fabric is 100% nylon, but it has a unique matte texture, while preventing feathers from popping out as much as possible. It has a soft, cotton-like appearance.

With a stand-up collar design, the stand-up collar with plenty of feathers prevents the neck from getting cold, and the shirring rubber on the hem prevents cold air from entering from the outside, minimizing the body from getting cold.

A large mesh pocket is provided on the inside for excellent storage capacity. Also ideal for storing keys and smartphones.

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